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2018 Gull Lake Basin Management Board Inc. Annual Public Meeting

Date:May 26, 2018

Location: Thalberg Hall

Call to Order:David Cairns called the meeting to order at 11:40 Am.

David Cairns welcomed all of the stakeholders in attendance and stated the mandate of the GLBMB Inc. is, "to develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive management strategy to improve and maintain the water quality of Gull Lake and the environment of the basin".

1) Financial Report

Jill Sitar provided an overview of the GLBMB Inc. 2017 financial statement. Advised that the statement of zero income for 2016 was incorrect and updated the records to show there was 2 grants from the RM of St. Clements totalling $4800.00 and one from Water stewardship for $2100.00. The 2018 opening balance was approximately $10,028.06, income in the form of annual grants of $5,000.00 from St. Clements and $1704.00 from the G.L.R.A. As well as $400.00 from the RM of Alexander. Most of the expenses went to Hydro to run the aerator and the Zebra Mussel prevention program. We had a closing balance of $9118.01

2) Water Quality Report

One water test was done and the results came back as everything was relatively the same. Jeff Suggitt explained that the phosphorous level in 2013 were .01 parts per million in 2018 is .02 so its doubled which is still well below acceptable levels. The concern is, Why is the phosphorous level rising in the lake. Our E.coli was less than 1.2 ppm and is still the same telling us sewage is not a problem. The cause is most likely fertilizer being used. As well it could be grey water.

We also tested for Zebra Mussels and the report shows ZERO. The province will also be testing for zebra mussels.

The province installed 2 plates that attract zebra mussels and will continue to monitor them throughout the summer.

3) Weir Report

We were advised that the Weir is just a block of concrete sitting on the ground. We are looking into re-enforcing it. We are looking into preventing fish from escaping the lake in the spring.

4) Zebra Mussel Prevention

Thank you to the volunteers, We took about 250 phone calls last year, The RM of St. Clements took care of our payroll last year eliminating liabilities to the G.L.B.M.B.

This year with Wendy Murphy’s help we have a grant from the federal government for up to $18000.00 to pay for student employment.

The tax levy cannot be returned but if we don’t use the money this year we would evaluate the amount for next year.

We still need volunteers !

We are looking into getting cable seals similar to what the province is using.

Reminder that Zebra Mussels are illegal to transport

5) Announcements

We need board members on both boards.

6) Questions.

Question asked, what the cost for the Aerator Hydro was. Total for the 17/18 winter was not available but Jill advised it was approximately $600.00 per month and readings are taken every month.

Question asked, if the cost was $6000.00. It was $2037.00 for this year and There was a large credit from the previous 2 years because readings were not being taken.

Question asked, if the water level has anything to do with the phosphorus level rising. Jeff believes it does.

Question asked, were the fish escaping both ends of the lake. Yes they were.

Suggestion to post the zebra mussel bylaw.

Question asked, Who is going to fund the seals. G.L.B.M.B. will

Question asked , When you have a new boat show up and you don’t know them do you believe them. If we are unsure for any reason we decontaminate.

Question asked, The actual launch is on Alexander property correct ? Yes

Question asked, Is Alexander going to repair the launch ? Alexander public works investigated it and have deemed it safe.

Question asked, Who has the right to lock the gate. Any one as long as our lock is locked to the key lock.

Question asked, With the engine being run in a contaminated lake can mussels still get out to the next lake? Yes, standing water in the engine could be contaminated.

Question asked, Has anyone questioned the bait sold at wavers. Yes all live bait being sold is monitored and regulated.

Question asked, What boats are we not capable of washing. The extremely large ones with the ballast tanks.

7) Adjournment

David Cairns adjourned the meeting at 12:45 PM.

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